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Explore Our Range of Full-Service Heating Solutions

We want you to count on us for all of your heating and air conditioning service needs. Call the professionals at Callahan AC & Heating Services for prompt, professional, and affordable heating services.

System Design & Installation

Heating solutions tailored to specific spaces, ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency through meticulous design and expert installation practices.


Installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair of boiler systems to optimize performance and prolong lifespan.


Installation, Inspection, cleaning, and repair of furnace systems to ensure optimal functionality, energy efficiency, and safety.

Heat Pumps

Installation, Inspection, maintenance, and repair of heat pump systems to maximize efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Hot Water Heaters

Installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of water heating systems to ensure consistent hot water supply, energy efficiency, and safety.

Climate Control & Energy Efficiency

Optimizing indoor environments through strategic system design, insulation, and technology integration, reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Installation, inspection, and maintenance of detection systems and appliances to mitigate the risk of carbon monoxide exposure.

Air System Balancing

Meticulous adjustment and calibration of HVAC systems to optimize airflow distribution, temperature consistency, and energy efficiency.

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